How to Blow Out an Egg




Introduction: How to Blow Out an Egg

Many people want to be festive and make decorative eggs, but can't find how to do it like the professionals. That's where I come to help.
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Step 1: Get Your Materials

You will need:

1 Nail Filer
1 Egg (any size)
1 Paper Clip

Step 2: Sand the Egg Down

Take your egg and file and file the edges of your egg until the paper clip can easily puncture the sanded spot. WARNING: Don't file it to much or it will break.

Step 3: Poke a Hole

Use the paper clip to gently puncture a hole in the ends of your egg and tilt the egg so that the ends are horizontal to each other.

Step 4: BLOW

Use you hands to cup the hole of your egg and blow the heck out over the place where you want the yolk to go. Then use water to clean the inside by slowly putting the hole under the sink.
(I am really sorry for the Lack of photos here, this had to happen really quickly)

Step 5: OPTIONAL: Use Nail Polish to Coat the Egg

If you want, you can coat your egg in about 2 to 3 layers of nail polish and voilà you have yourself a professionally blown egg.
(For the light up egg tutorial, do not add the nail polish until it is instructed in THOSE DIRECTIONS)

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