How to Booby Trap a Clip Board! (Office/School Prank)

Introduction: How to Booby Trap a Clip Board! (Office/School Prank)

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Who says work or school have to be boring? There's always ways to have fun, for example here's a little booby trap you can set up on your classmates or co-workers. It involves a clip board with important documents and a water balloon.

This may or may not get you into trouble depending your prank victim's sense of humor so make sure you choose the right person to do this prank on, hopefully they can take a joke.

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Step 1: Setting Up...

First make sure you have the right clip board for this booby trap, check the pictures provided to get an idea of what kind of clip board you'll need. You'll also need a small balloon.

* Add water to the balloon but don't fill it up too much. (optional- add colored powder to make a more noticeable mess)

* Hide the balloon inside the clip while holding the tip (not tied)

* Tuck important documents inside

* Let go of the clip to trap the balloon behind it while the tip sticks out. With enough pressure the balloon won't leak.

* Cut off the balloon tip that sticks out.

* Put the clip board on your prank victim's desk and the booby trap has been set.

When they try to take out the documents, they'll be in for a big surprise.

Step 2: How the Prank Works!

Now that the booby trap has been set and you're casually on opposite side of the room where you left the clip board, keep an eye on it.

By pulling back the clip, your class mate or co-worker will release the water inside the balloon causing a big mess and in the process ruining the documents too.

Seriously, make sure this person can take a joke before you actually attempt to pull off this prank. Have fun!!!

Check out the video tutorial for further instructions and demonstrations! Click here to watch the video!

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