How to Booby Trap a Dustpan to Make a Bigger Mess!!!

Introduction: How to Booby Trap a Dustpan to Make a Bigger Mess!!!

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Are you looking for simple household prank ideas that don't require a lot of effort but are very effective? Well here's a little booby trap you can easily set up at home. All you'll pretty much is an upright dustpan.

Dustpans are meant to be cleaning tools, they clean up messes not make them right? Wrong. Just follow the next couple of steps and you'll have yourself a simple yet funny prank for April Fool's Day or any day really!

Step 1: Setting Up!

The set up is so easy that anyone can do it, even a 4 year old.

First: Locate the dustpan, make sure it's leaning against a well next to a broom.

Second: Pour a about a cup and a half of any liquid of your choice inside the dustpan, make sure it's not too visible.

Last: Take a cup of flour, rice or beans and dump them on the tile floor.

That's pretty much it. The prank is set!

Step 2: Prank Time!

Play the waiting game but eventually someone will come across that mess and will have to clean it up, obviously first they'll sweep up everything into a small pile.

Naturally they'll grab the dustpan to try to sweep everything up but as soon as they set the dustpan all the water will spill causing a big mess.

*** To have even more fun, replace the contents inside the dustpan with vinegar and instead of flour or rice use baking soda. Once those two mix it will be a funny chemical reactions.

Happy Pranking

Check out the video tutorial for further details and a demonstration of this prank: Click Here To Watch

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