How to Braid Your Hair

Introduction: How to Braid Your Hair

Everyone loves braids! They're a cute and easy way to wear your hair. Just follow these easy, quick steps and you'll have a perfect braid.

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Step 1: Step One

First you will need a brush, hair tie, and if you have bangs or baby hairs that you want back you could use some bobby pins or hair clips!

Step 2: Step Two

Second you need to brush all your hair out. Make sure you get all the tangles out of your hair before you begin.

Step 3: Step Three

Then you need to divide your hair into three sections.

Step 4: Step Four

After that, you are ready to start braiding your hair! Remember first you grab the left piece and cross it over to the middle piece. And then grab the right and cross it over to the right pice that you crossed with the middle.

Step 5: Step Five

Finally you are finished with braiding your hair! Make sure you tied your hair with the hair tie at the end. Hope you enjoyed!

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