How to Brush a Rabbit!




Introduction: How to Brush a Rabbit!

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Rabbits are very beautiful animals. But to maintain that, you have to brush them! Follow my guide to pimping your pet!

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Step 1: What You Need

Today we are brushing a SHORT FURRED rabbit. He's lazy and sweet, so I dont need to have him in a blocked off area. I am using my DOUBLE sided brush, so I'm using the SOFT sided part. To recap:
SOFT brush
SHORT furred rabbit

Step 2: Brushing

The reason why I'm using the soft side of the brush and not the wire, is because since the rabbit is short furred, you only need the soft side for brushing. First get your rabbit, some may need to be in a blocked off space if they are probe to running away. Run the brush down your rabbits back and flank, not its thighs, legs, arms and face. Gently flip it into its back(some rabbits may not want you doing that!) and brush its stomach.

Step 3: Your New Rabbit!!

Ya da! Your rabbit looks beautiful! Thanks for reading and comment if you want to ask anything or just simply say what you think!

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