How to Build a Ballistic Knife [Easy Way]




Introduction: How to Build a Ballistic Knife [Easy Way]

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Hello, this is my first tutorial and today i wanted to show You how to build a working Ballistic Knife.

For this project you will need some stuff:
-A Scooter handlebar, one with that button that you press and he come up again, or any tube with that button in it,
-Any pipe/tube, better be an aluminium/steel one, copper is too soft.
-A spring, i got mine from a car handbrake asembly, the apring that operates the handbrake button.
-And most important thing, the Blade. you can get any knife you want and cut it in half, or you can do this really professionaly and order   some throwing knives from amazon or ebay.

Lets Begin!

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Step 1:

Okay first you gotta drill a hole in one end of the pipe body, it need to be close to the edge, it depends of how far your press button is.
when you have done this, you should hammer into the other end a round screw or anything round, so you can regulate the pressure of the spring,and get some better shots.

Step 2:

Okay now for the blade. 
To make a blade you will need a scooter handlebar, or maybe a folding chair leg, the important is that it has that button you press and it comes up again, and that it enters the tube with little or no spacing(there should be just a small movement into the tube).
Then you will have to cut your blade, and weld it/glue it to the tube with the button. I used epoxy metal glue to glue it in place, and its pretty steady. When you've done this you are pretty much done, put your spring in and start shooting!

NOTE: This is considered as a weapon in most parts of the world, in some parts its legal, in some its not, if it is unlegal in Your country you do this at your own risk! Dont point it to humans or animals, and think two times whenever you shoot at something.

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago on Step 2

    I’ve made one before, and have no particular reason other than finding enjoyment in crafting, and “shooting” blades at wood.
    For work I would be legal to use this if I really wanted to although there is no real point to it, and when I say use for work I mean by law I’d be authorized to have it in that circumstance.
    Either way. The law that was passed “banning” these has clear wording in it that tells you that merely owning one of these, or making one is NOT illegal. At a federal level at least.
    States May have additional laws in place for these types of weapons.
    The federal states that it is only illegal to sell, or purchase these across states, and the use of these in a violent crime result in 5 additional years to whatever you already got penalized with.
    Even if you didn’t successfully use it, or used it at all.
    I am here because I felt like making another improved version over what I made years ago. Looking for other ways to make them, and this way is quite crude, and I would not suggest this way as it seems rather dangerous.
    Quick tip from me is to have the blade be removable from the post that will be locked in under the tension of the spring.
    That way you can remove the blade push the post in with your palm, and then attach the blade again making it safer to get it back in the ready position.
    For my use, and purposes the blade is never sharpened, and has a very raw edge to begin with. I’d also recommend to test with a dull plastic, or rubber blade, and not to mess around with a real steel blade until you have made a sheath for it that makes it safe to use.


    4 years ago

    besides, Wikipedia is an invalid source.


    4 years ago

    He's right unfortunately having a spring makes it so silent as a legal ironically if you made it so that it was Blackpowder you can register it as an AOW or any other weapon


    Reply 4 years ago

    Good thing I don't follow laws! :D

    Sorry to tell you this but, this instructable is highly illegal. for more information on the legality of ballistic knives, look at this