How to Build a Cool Cabin

Introduction: How to Build a Cool Cabin

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Hey guys today I'm going to show you how to build a cool cabin

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Step 1: Get a Good Mountain

Look around your world for the perfect mountain\hill.

Step 2: Build a Stair Case

You should use wood and wood stairs.

Step 3: Small and Kinda Large Platform

If you didn't se the last 3 pics then go back .
Use wood and build your perfect size platform

Step 4: Now Ad Stilts

Try and make them in a cool funky way and use fences

Step 5: Make Walls

Make 4up walls out of wood and make a roof like this

Step 6: Now Make Inside Roof

Make a cool roof

Step 7: And a Room

Decorate and make your room

Step 8: Now Decorate Your Living Room

Make a couch and 2 flower pots

Step 9: Now Your Done

Good job you now are done

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