How to Build a Hobbit House

Introduction: How to Build a Hobbit House

Find a piece of land that you can use. Dig out a pit into the side of a hill. Lay plastic down in pit. Nail together vertical 2X6 boards in the size of circle you want your house to be. Lay bricks on the floor area. Nail on strong roof with 2X4's, leaving a square hole for skylight. Staple heavy plastic over entire structure. Cut small doorway on side. Cover roof and sides with dirt and install skylight and door. On interior install carpet padding and carpet. Move in and live with the bare essentials and be happy! For ebooks on how i have lived the simple life for 25 years go to



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    Would Radon be a problem?

    Interested folks can also access more photos of my beloved meadow, Hobbit Hole, studio and sweat lodge at "My Home By The River" on Youtube.

    I kept this super simple so that people could add their own ideas of what their hobbit house could be. The books on my site are equally brief, not how to build manuals with specifiv instructions, but more tools of inspiration.

    This is a great idea but since instructables is about sharing free information I think it is a bit unfair using this as an advert for your online shop.

    Seeing this makes me realise it's something I never thought of before but totally love after seeing it :D

    You would have to go to my website and get the book My Tiny House for more details.

    I've always wanted to build a tree house, now I think I want this instead! If you have pictures of your build process I'd love to see them!

    I like it!

    Like living in a furry womb, once there, i never want to leave!