How to Build a Mentos and Diet Coke Booby Trap




Introduction: How to Build a Mentos and Diet Coke Booby Trap

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We've all seen how Diet Coke explodes when you put Mentos in it. Here's a way to rig a bottle of Diet Coke so that it explodes when you unscrew the cap



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    Awesome! I've seen how to make it,but not the reaction from it!

    i think that was perfect how she kept looking back where she came from. it just added to the prank lol hilarious

    Its a mis-conception that it only works with diet, diet is only recommended because it is easier to clean up.

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    Diet Coke is specifically the one used because of all the sodas I've seen it reacts the most powerfully. Has to do with the specific mix of sweeteners. The easier-to-clean-ness is just icing on the cake.

    Honestly when I saw the title and the thumbnail, I though it had something to do with boobies and didn't think "Oh, it's a trap"