How to Build a Mouse Trap Car




Introduction: How to Build a Mouse Trap Car

Building a mousetrap car can be very difficult, we know because it was hard the first time, but it can be easier with a how-to-do step process.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

To build this car, you need the proper equipment. You will need the following:
• A thin plywood board
• A can about 13 cm in diameter
• Two 16 cm diameter can lids
• Zip ties
• A roll of black electrical tape and a roll of duct tape
• A bag of rubber bands
• A hammer
• Small fence staples
• Carbon arrow
• Fishing pole end
• Hot glue
• Shot gun shells
• Five mm metal rod about 40 cm long
• String
• A hack saw
• A file
• A band or jig saw
• A small eyelet screw
• And finally the mouse trap

Step 2: Cut Out Your Car

Trace your design onto the wood for your car. Keep in mind you want your car to be light weight but strong.

Step 3: Make the Back Wheel

To make the back wheel to your car, take your can and hot glue the two bigger lids to it. Be sure they are centered! You may add black electrical tape and rubber bands for grip.

Step 4: Make Holes in the Lids

You have to make holes on both sides of the lids so then your axel will fit inside. When the holes are made, insert the shotgun shells. These will serve as the wheel bushings.

Step 5: Make the Axel

To make the axel, you have to use the metal rod. You will have to cut it to fit your design.
It may be a good idea to file down the sharp edges left by the hack saw. When you are done with that, slide the axel into the holes.

Step 6: Connect the Axel

Now it's time to connect the axel. You will need to use the fence staples and hammer them into the car board you have designed. Be careful not to break the board when you pound
in the staples.

Step 7: Add the Mouse Trap

Hot glue your mouse trap to the front of your car. It is absolutely necessary to the success of your design that the trap closes toward the front of the car!

Step 8: Add the Front Axel and Wheels

When adding your front axel, you do the same thing as when adding the back one with the fence staples and hammer.
To add the wheels, you need to make holes in them. Then slide them onto the axel. Zip tie and hot glue them to roll freely but don't wobble much.

Step 9: Add the Launcher

Take the arrow and the piece of fishing pole and duct tape them together. Then zip tie the arrow to the mouse trap. Use as many zip ties as you can.

Step 10: Add Rubber Bands

Add rubber bands to the mouse trap to aid in the arms strength in the follow through. They will attach to the under side of the car on the eyelet screw.

Step 11: Add the String

First cut a fence staple in half. This will stick into the middle of the back wheel and be where the string attaches to it. Tie a loop at the end of the string to hook it on the staple. The string will be tied to the end of the fishing pole. We also used the string as a hitch by tying it to the back axel.

Step 12: The Finished Product

This is what your car set up should be similar to.

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