How to Build a Robot That Pulls 5 Pounds

Introduction: How to Build a Robot That Pulls 5 Pounds

Agnes Koroma, Areej Ali, Safiyya Qadir

Step 1: Control Relocation

Move the control and place it flat onto the robot.

Step 2: Battery

Tape the battery on top of the control.

Step 3: Wheels

use the 100mm wheel to add on each side

Step 4: Wheels

Place the 100mm wheel on each side

Step 5: Angle Bars

in order to extend the front of the robot you need four angle bars

Step 6: Extension of the Angle Bars

extend the angle bars on each side in the front of the robot in order to add an extra 100mm wheel then close it with another angle bar in front of the wheel.

Step 7: Program

download a go forward progrm onto the robot

Step 8: Sled

This will be used in step 6

Step 9: Weight

add 2 2.5 weights on the back of the sled

Step 10: Sled Attachment

Then add a sled on the back of the robot.

Step 11: Materials

1. 3 100mm wheels
2. 3 10 hole angle bars
3. 4 chassity rails
4. vex controller
5. battery
6. 2 motors
7. keps nuts
8. 8-32 screws
9. 2 60 tooth gears
10. 2 12 tooth gears
11. collars
12. 1 5 hole angle bar
13. sled

Step 12: Calculation

Robot calculations

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