How to Build a Simple 555 Synth




Introduction: How to Build a Simple 555 Synth

This instructable shows how to build a simple synth using a 555 timer.

Step 1: Parts Needed

1 270k ohm potentiometer ( I used two. 1 250k ohm for major pitch changes and a 30k ohm slide potentiometer for finer adjustment
1. Switch
1. 10ohm resistor
1. 220 ohm resistor
1. 1k ohm resistor
1. .1uf capacitor
1. Led
1. 555 timer
1. Audio jack

Step 2: The Case

Find a case and drill out the holes needed for the switch, potentiometer, and audio jack. ( I added extra switches for possible additions I plan on doing)

Step 3: The Circuit

Solder the circuit together and then attach the switch, potentiometer, and jack to the case.

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