How to Build a Treehouse


Introduction: How to Build a Treehouse

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Step 1: Buy Wood and Tools!

2 by 4's really came in handy. You also need: screws, washers, nails, plywood, hammers, saw- to cut wood to fit the tree/s, And other optional tools: rope, tarp, etc.

Step 2: Add a Frame All Around the Tree

This part is very important so you should use big screws and washers.

Step 3: Fill in the Frame

Should be very sturdy. You can also add in support beams to make it even more safe.

Step 4: Add the Plywood!

This is your finished flooring!

Step 5: Add On!

Ad tarp that you can support with ropes, a rope ladder, maybe even some wooden shelves! It's all up to you!



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    Reminds me of the fort I built when I was a kid, only mine was a lot crappier!

    1 reply

    It read online that it usually lasts for 20-30 years but thanks again! @Litez

    Thanks! How long does it usually last? @Litez

    I suggest you stop using screws or nails. Eventually the tree dies because of metal poisoning, so it wont last long. Do it with ropes, scout handbooks will show you how.


    Thank you very much! He remembered his childhood.