How to Build a Tryannosaurus Wrench and Pliersarus





Introduction: How to Build a Tryannosaurus Wrench and Pliersarus

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Build your very own T-Wrench to put where ever you'd like

you will need pliers, wire snips, a grinder, hammer, wire brush

and a little hobby welder. Any other way you can make due is also acceptable! 

Step 1: What You Need

- A smaller cresent wrench 

- Two nuts

- 1/8" Filler rod 

- Two small wrenches 

- small allen wrenches (optional for arms ) 

Step 2: Bend Wrench

Bend The Wrench slightly using a hammer, just to, you know, give it a tail like shape.

Step 3: Bend and Form Legs

Using pliers bend the 1/8" rod into a leg and cut at the appropriate length, 

Step 4: Cut Wrenches Into Feet Shape

Using a Grinder or metal saw, cut the wrenches into feet shape, sand smooth 

Step 5: Weld Feet and Legs

Tack weld the feet to the legs and the legs to the cresent wrench, aboot half way up the wrench 

Step 6: Weld Nuts and Arms On, Paint With Krylon,

Weld the nuts on the wrench head perpendicular to the ground, and weld the arms on half way between the head and legs  



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    I loved this pet. Please come see mine.

    I like it! ;)
    I have a couple tools where I could make something similar

    Superb fun! My father bought me a cat this year for Xmas, made out of 3 recycled welded horseshoes and pliers. Maybe it will bring me some luck this year! :)

    I think I will use a pair of locking pliers and try this. I have a pair of needle nose locking pliers that I might be able to do a Pterosaurs and hang it.

    haha the one that i always thought that looks like a dinosaur was the pipe wrench

    Good job ;)

    Do you know this man? maco di metal And his product ?...

    ...I have work with him ans he is very friendly...

    How cool. Finally a use for all those old wrenches I have laying around.