How to Build a Water Thrusted Rocket





Introduction: How to Build a Water Thrusted Rocket

this is a tutorial video that shows how to build a water and preassure thrusted rocket. It's very simple to fallow, and uses materials that you can found in your house. If you have any inconvenient you can ask me. I'll be pleased to help you with clear instructions. Retihc



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    great idea but i reakon more water so you have about 3 inches left to inflat and over inflat it and it would put heaps more presure cheers.

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    Interesting version, but I've got to ask - why is it entered into the yarn contest, the yoyo contest and the tool contest?

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    Wow looks brilliant can't wait to try it out Cheers

    I use to do this all the time, but just a little different. I like your idea better though. Jonnyboy

    english is perfect, although the results aren't very impressive... the basic ones I made in middle school work a lot better

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    yes, the results isnt goods but, i build it in less than 1 hour hehe and not with correct glue, the preasure was low sorry im not using a translator hehe