How to Build a Garden Lighthouse Out of Pallets




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A garden lighthouse I made for my garden out of a few pallets, a packet of lollipop sticks and an old garden shed window. I made a step by step video guide and posted if anyone wants to have a go at making one. The whole thing to make cost me £1.50 (cost of the lollipop sticks) because I used whatever I could lay my hands on. The paint used on it was what we had left over from painting the kids bedrooms but once it had dried I gave it several coats of clear varnish.

The video is in more detail but in a nutshell I measured 6 lengths of board 36 inch in length and 8 inch wide I then at the top measured in 1 inch to give me 6 inch at the top.

I then ran the boards through a table saw which was set at 30 degrees (all the cuts on the lighthouse were 30 degrees) I then glued them all together to form a hollow tube. I drew around a 20ltr bucket lid on another piece of board and cut it out using a jigsaw, this was for the top.

I then cut a strip 6 inch wide ( on angle ) a cut it down to the desired height for the light housing. I cut out the windows by drilling a large hole in the corners and running a jigsaw from end to end.

After i had glued it all together I glued lolipop sticks around the edges of the windows. I glued and screwed in the windows from the inside. For the roof I drew around a selections of lids that went down in size and cut them out using a jigsaw. I then glued them all toghether, biggest at the bottom smallest at the top.

For the base I measured an inch around the bottom on a piece of board, cut it out and cut pallet lats the the same length as the sides again on a 30 degree cut.



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    Nice looking result and you can't beat the price. This would be fun next to a pond or swimming pool.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Finally a solution for all of those ships running aground onto your patio.