How to Build S.N.O.T Method With Lego




For all the Lego fans around, Have you ever heard of S.N.O.T?

I am not talking about the green stuff that comes out of your nose when you have a cold - I am talking about the building method "Studs Not On Top".

If you have heard about it (or haven't heard about it) this 'ible is for you.

I will show you the easiest way to build S.N.O.T. using Lego.

You will learn ho to build a tower, river and mini boat. So read on!

This particular model pulls apart into three sections, The base (step 6) - The tower (step 2) - and The boat (step 1).

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Step 1: The Easiest Part - the Boat!

The boat is the easiest part, it takes 4 pieces.

a 1x4 plate goes on the bottom and 2X 2x2's go on top and then a light goes on top of them all like the photos show.

It is simple and can bu used with any model (or the start of a minifig sized model boat)

Step 2: The Tower Part.

The tower pulls apart into three sections, the top (step 5) - The bottom (step 4) - and The stack of units (step 3).

Step 3: The Stack of Units.

This is the stack of units, each unit is 1 brick high and 2x2 studs wide and long respectively.

It is a fairly simple process to make the units, there is the base - the unit itself - and the top.

You will need to make three of the "units", one base and one top.

Follow the pictures and you will be able to make the units!

Step 4: The Base.

This step will show you how to make the base of the tower, follow the photos and it should be easy.

The tower has a 4x4 footprint so nothing overhangs off a ledge.

There will be a 2x2 blank space in one of the corners of the base, this is where the stack of units goes.

There are two 1x2 tiles and they sit on one 1x2 piece each, this piece only connects to the 1x1 grey 90° holder is, there is a 1x1 gap under it.

Once you have made this section you can move onto the top!

Step 5: The Top of the Tower.

This section will show you how to make the top of the tower.

The tower has a 4x4 footprint so nothing overhangs the edge.

There is nothing unusual about this section so once you have built it you can move on to assembly.

Step 6: Assembly of the Tower

Once you have made the three parts of the tower you can assemble them.

Put them together like the photos show and you can move onto the base!

Step 7: The Base of the Model

The base is the S.N.O.T. section, it is made with the studs on the ends.

To get the tower to stand upright you need to use a 90° connector like I have.

Build according to the photos and then put all three parts of the model together to make part of your own city!

Thanks for viewing, please share it around and check out my channel where I have finally reached my goal of 50,000 views!

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    No, it is just an awesome way of building with Lego!

    It allows things like the boat on the river to move and there are a few other really neat parts on it!

    Thanks, the S.N.O.T. method is very interesting and very fun to work with!

    I just wish I had more Lego (doesn't everyone?) to build bigger things!