How to Build the 4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver




Introduction: How to Build the 4th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

This instructable shows how to build the 4th doctor's sonic screwdriver. This is part one, which is the main part. Part two will include the electronics.

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Step 1: Materials

Aluminum tubing
- approximately .55 in ID 5/8 in. OD
- 5/8 in ID 3/4 in OD
- 25/32 in ID 1 in OD

Plastic tubing
- 1/4 ID. 3/8 OD
- 3/8 ID. 1/2 OD
- just under 1/4 in ID 3/8 in OD

Threaded rod
- just under 1/4 in Diameter

- 5/16 by 9/16 in

- 1/8 in diameter

- 3/8in ID 5/8 in OD
- 7/16 in ID 1in OD

Bolt (with nut)
- 1/2 in long, 5/8 diameter

Random parts
- Practice arrow
- Rubber cap
- Aluminum coloured cone
- Spring

Step 2: The Innards

Thread 2 1/2 cm of the slightly les than 1/4 in tubing onto 14 cm of the threaded rod. Around that glue 2 1/2 cm of the 1/2 in OD tubing.

Cut the tubing to build it up to barely fit inside the largest aluminum tube.

Glue 1/2 in OD tubing on the top and bottom of an 8 cm section of a 10.5 cm long 3/8 in OD tube.

At on end leave a 12 mm space. Put the washer and spring on before sliding it on the rod.

Step 3: The Emitter

Drill the spacer to fit on the threaded rod. Glue in a 2cm axle.

Drill three holes into the arrowhead, with three corresponding holes in a 1 cm price of 1in aluminum tubing. Glue the arrowhead and axle into place. The glue that onto the spacer.

Step 4: The Main Part

Cut a notch into a 8 cm piece of 1in aluminum tube. Glue the threaded to piece 5 cm from the bottom.
Cut a 5.5 cm piece of3/4 in tube to fit around the plastic that was glued into the 1in tube. Connect that to a 9.5 cm piece of 5/8 in tube. Attach a 1.5 cm piece of 3/4 in tube 3.5 cm from the tip, before glueing the cone to the end

Step 5: The End Plug

Screw together the 1in washer and rubber cap. That will plain the end of the 1in tube

Step 6: Put It All Together

Slide the aluminum tube onto the threaded rod and screw the emitter on

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    5 Discussions

    Mr Tesla
    Mr Tesla

    4 years ago

    I've posted part two.

    Mr Tesla
    Mr Tesla

    5 years ago

    I'm not sure when I will be able to get part two up. The concept behind the sound will be pretty much the same as in my newer sonic instructable.

    Mr Tesla
    Mr Tesla

    5 years ago

    The noise will come in part two. The point of the slits in the middle sized tube is to turn the sound on and off.