How to Build a Cool Stunt Paper Airplane

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In this Instructable I will show you how to make a very sophisticated stunt plane that is still simple in production. This is my very first Instructable, so I apologize ahead of time for any fault in the publication.

Step 1: The Fixin's

For this project you will need:

1 sheet of standard printer paper (8.5"x11")
1 pencil (optional)
1 foot ruler (also optional)
1 pair of scissors (yet again, optional)

Step 2: Now We Start the Folding... Hooray!

Take the top right corner of the paper and fold it down so that the top of the paper is flush with the left side. Crease, then unfold. On these first few steps it wouldn't hurt to crease the paper by folding it both ways. See pictures for help (I went over the fold in pencil to make it stand out)

Step 3: Repeating the Last Step

Repeat what you did on the last step for the other side. Again, see pictures for help.

Step 4: Folding for the Third Time

Take the top corners and fold them down so that they meet with the bottoms of the folds made previously. In other words, the previous fold made a big X. Take the top points of the X and make them touch the bottom points. Crease, then unfold. (Do I need to say it?) See pictures for help.

Step 5: Folding Again

Now you will push the previous fold in on each side so that the sides come in to the center and the top collapses downward. DO NOT unfold. Defininently see pictures for help.

Step 6: Folding Yet Again

Fold the right side of the upper triangle (being sure to only fold the top layer) so that the right side point touches the top point. Repeat on other side.

Step 7: Still Folding

Take the right side triangle that you just folded, and bring the bottom edge up so that it is parallel to the center line of the plane (that doesn't make much sense, does it?). Repeat on other side.

Step 8: This Is Where It Gets Tricky...

This is the hardest step, and there really is no way of explaining it so if you can figure it out then kudos for you. I tried to make a video for it, but my camera man didn't do a good job. It might help to just study the pictures and video to piece it together. I can tell you that you push the top side underneath the previous fold. After you get if figured out, repeat on the other side.

Step 9: Now for the Easy Stuff

If you have gotten this far then the rest will be a piece of cake. Take the top portion of the previous demon fold, and fold it backwards, behind the paper.

Step 10: More Folding (or Not)

Take the bottom-most edge of the paper and fold it upward so that it meets with the flap of paper above it. In other words, take the bottom section and fold it in half length-wise. This is where the optional supplies come in. You can use the ruler to measure half, and then mark the line with the pencil.

Step 11: Now for Cutting (or Not)

Cut along the fold (or line) you just made. This is where the (optional) scissors come in. You can either cut along the line, or just tear. Only tear after you have creased the fold thoroughly. It also helps to moisten(lick) the fold, but do not do so if you have marked the line in pencil or ink.

Step 12: Back to Folding Again

Fold the piece you just cut in half length-wise. Simple enough I presume.

Step 13: The Tail Fins

About an inch from the back of the tail (whatever side you choose) make a cut halfway down the paper. Then fold this flap down to meet the bottom of the paper. Repeat on other half. See pictures so as not to screw up.

Step 14: Shaping the Body... *clears Throat* I Mean "Fusalage"

Flip the body of the plane over so that it is on the back side, and fold in half. Devilishly simple, if I do say so myself...

Step 15: Shaping the "Fusalage" Some More

Fold down the paper as shown in the pictures to make the wings. There really is no good way of explaining this step. Just look at the pictures.

Step 16: Almost Done

Just Insert the tail underneath the flap on the top inside of the plane. No glue is required. The fold keeps the flap held down which secures the tail in place.

Step 17: Tweaking

At this point you can take the tips of the tail fins and fold them upward to make elevators. If all steps have been followed correctly, You have completed the plane. Be sure to fly in an open area because this plane will do flips and stalls and can get up to fifteen feet in the air.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    hello people :D you can really make a better but similar one from an app in the app store called how to fold paper airplanes (pick the one with 3d instructions please) and go to the download section of the app and find the 30 step airplaine :D because you basically cant explain this airplane with pictures :D

    2 replies

    7 years ago on Step 9

    u cant exactly do the easy stuff when you can't even tell what the hard stuff is.


    A Korean student showed this to me during lunch...back in the 80's. I thought I was the only other one in the US who knew anything about this "bird." Glad to see I'm NOT! Thanks for the variation(s).


    7 years ago on Introduction

    IT'S A KLINGON BIRD OF PREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!


    8 years ago on Step 9

    Wait...How exactly do you fold tha over? It's connected...Do i have mine upside down?


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 8

    Dammit Mitchell! Lmfao. (: We need to get him a cage or something for Christmas, I swear. (: All I saw was your hands doing something and then something else... We'll have to reshoot this next time I'm over. (:


    9 years ago on Step 7

    hi cool air plane but step 8 surely you can explain it? its impossible to find out!!! please try and make an easier explanation and what top bit did you mean? I've lost count of how many times I've tried to make this...

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    !!!! I made this plane before. It is awesome!!!! It flies awesome, it looks awesome, it goes through air awesome, the visuals are awesome, it glides awesome, the design is awesome!lol

    5 stars and fave