How to Build a Flowrider




Introduction: How to Build a Flowrider

I will probably never do it, but it would be possible to build your own flowrider.



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    Maybe you could make your own pump for this cutting the cost down or use gravity as an aid for the pump

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    Good idea. Actually, now I am thinking of buying an engine/pump assembly from and old waverunner. Those can be up to 300 HP and are already designed to get very wet.

    There is a guy who did it. I tried to post the vid here, but it disappeared. I have also posted it at FlowriderSchool(dot)com in the "Build" section at the bottom. He really made it work, and it has an awesome ending.

    Yeah. 50K is still pretty salty! Luckily I live 10 minutes from a flow, or I would have to build this!


    4 years ago

    Weeeeellllll. That was a little but of a let down lol. But it was fun to watch