How to Build an ISU LEGO Tailgating Truck

Introduction: How to Build an ISU LEGO Tailgating Truck

Simple and easy instructions to build a LEGO ISU truck. Time to show off your ISU spirit!

Step 1:

Attach wheels to large grey flat LEGO. Front is the side with wheels closest to the end. (LEFT side of picture)

Front - 2 IN from LEFT
Rear - 3 IN from RIGHT

Step 2:

Flip to front side and attach 2x4 grey pieces in locations indicated by picture.
Front 2x4 is centered and overhangs front by 1. Second grey 2x4 piece is directly behind front grey 2x4 piece.

NOTE: first number is width. Second number is length.
I.E. 2x4 - 2 circles wide, 4 circles long.

Step 3:

Behind grey 2x4, attach white 1x2 follow by a red 1x2 and grey 1x2. Last grey piece should be located on the end of the large grey piece..

Step 4:

Center white 1x3 on both sides of the white 1x2 already attached.

Step 5:

Attach red 1x6s from white 1x2 towards front. Then attach yellow 1x6s above and below red 1x6s to complete this step.

Step 6:

Attach white 2x3 LEGO to front grey piece. White 2x3 should overhang the front as shown in picture. Then, attach red 1x8 to front underside of grey piece as shown in image.

Step 7:

Attach yellow 1x2 to red 1x4 as shown in lower picture. Then attach that assembly to white 1x3s on truck. Gap should exist between red 1x8 and yellow 1x2s.

Step 8:

Attach L shaped narrow white pieces onto white 2x3 in direction shown in picture.

Step 9:

Put white 2x2 pieces stacked and centered behind white L shaped LEGOS. Then, place clear window front and center on white 2x3 as shown.

Step 10:

assemble white "horn" as shown to narrow red 4x4. Then attach to top of glass LEGO and white 2x2 as displayed. half of 2x2 white should still be visible.

Congratulations, you have now completed making the ISU LEGO Tailgating Truck!

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