How to (CHEAPLY) Take Micro / Macro Photography With Your IPhone

Introduction: How to (CHEAPLY) Take Micro / Macro Photography With Your IPhone

So, I stumbled on a fun, cheap , little microscope on amazon that allows you to couple it with your iphone and take some pretty cool photos.

First, you gotta get a microscope. I chose this one (Mini 45X Microscope) because it has an illuminated LED pack with it for when you need the extra light.  I originally bought it to help when I purchase gold and silver, and it does a fantastic job at that, but it's only $3 bucks and change (at the time of this writing) and it's about the size of 2 joints on your index finger. So... pocketable, definitely.

Next, hold it up to your iphone and zoom in so that the camera doesn't look like it's peering through someone's peep hole.

Then, hold really still. If you need the light, turn it on.


I've been having a bunch of fun taking random photos with this thing.. What should I photograph next?

Post your photos in the comments! I wanna see some cool stuff. If it weren't so cold here, I'd be looking for bugs already.. haha.

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