How to Capture - a Fallen Star.




Introduction: How to Capture - a Fallen Star.

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If your fortune favours you, perhaps one day you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a fallen star.

If by chance this day comes sooner rather than later, be sure to follow these steps to capture the light of which it lived to shed.

Any way, nice story to tell the kids and works great as a night light.

What you will need -

+ Hot glue gun
+ 6 Glass tiles. Size as desired. This model uses grey backed glass tiles.
+ Nail polish remover. To remove rear tile netting glue.
+ High Powered LeD.
+ Power source to suit LeD. This model has an external pack unlike the RGB Light Cubes.

For a slightly more indepth/colourful version please visit
Ambient RGB LED Cube Lights



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    LoL, three views.... You mean someone can actually get to this Ible? Did you go through my profile because I can't find it anywhere else...?

    4 replies

    It's 3,629 views now....and i think i know what my sister is getting for her birthday.

    It managed to get on the Projects section of, that's how I found it. It's awesome by the way, if I were 5-10 years old I'd be awed by it. Really cool idea.

    Yes I added it to the group in hopes it may go up. Looks like it did.. Yes they are great for the child "awe" factor. Thanks for your comment!

    i have a question. what is under the star? it looks like a drawing of a boat.

    Prints of the H.M.A.S Yarra the boat my grandfather served on. It was sunk defending several passenger ships by the Japanese. The passenger vessels were sent in the opposite direction and the little yarra steamed full ahead towards the japanese destroyer fleat on approach... She was stopped dead in her tracks 300m off from the japanese. It was said that the guinner of the yarra would not abandon his post and kept firing as the destroyers cycled her. Needless to say she was sunk... Out of the 14 surviyors my grandfather was one. Her floating on a cargo conatiner for a week until a french submarine surfaced and collected him... The sub was so ladened with men it could not safley submerge and motored home on the surface...

    Wow! An incredible instructable and a harrowing tale of bravery to boot! 5/5! Oh. and I googled "H.M.A.S Yarra", and it said "Of the 34 survivors, 13 were rescued by Dutch submarine K-XI five days after the sinking, while 21 either died on the liferafts or were never seen again."

    Yes sorry, it was a Dutch sub. I was just recalling as explained to me about 5 years ago, so the details were a little hazzy. Wow!! That is really great you took the time to google it. Thank you.