How to Catch a Fly

Intro: How to Catch a Fly

Are you bored? Want to impress your friends? Have a ton of flies around your house? 

Watch this video to learn how to catch flies with your bare hands! 



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Good video - entertaining, educational and useful!

    I used to have a "pet" redback spider, so I had to catch flies to feed it. People thought I was a bit odd when I spotted a fly and grabbed it (I used a more mundane method with a clear plastic cup and a piece of card).

    I like your method and explanation :)


    We use to catch horse flies, the bigger ones. Tie a thread or hair around them between the thorax and abdomen. Then you let them fly like a kite. When you get bored with them you yank the thread and cut them in half.

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    Thanks. Let me know if you try this. Also, if you do, try to make a video, and post it as a response. By "try this," I mean catch a fly with your bare hands, not grow a beard.


    Darn it! i wanted to grow a beard :)> I don't have flies in my house exept for my mom, but when i see one i'll do just that!