How to Chalk Your Hair and Achieve the "Dip Dye Hair Look"




Introduction: How to Chalk Your Hair and Achieve the "Dip Dye Hair Look"

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Hair chalking is great way to temporarily add color to your hair extensions. It can create a very similar look to hair dye without the commitment, so you can have pretty pink hair and simply wash it out when you need too!

We chose to only color the ends of Emily's hair to create a dip dyed look but you can create other looks such as streaks of color. Chalk your hair for parties, sports carnivals or just for fun!!

You will need:
Pastel Hair Chalk ( do not get oil chalk as this will stain your hair)
Hair Brush
Hair Spray
Rubber Gloves

Enjoy the video!! Click here for more videos from Hairvenly Extensions

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    4 years ago

    Love it ps I love your hair it's sooooooooooo CUTE


    6 years ago

    I might try this in the christmas holidays!

    That's awesome! It's nice to have a temporary alternative for putting bright colors in your hair :)