How to Change Car Oil

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This is an Instructable on how to change your car oil.  My friend needed to change his car oil so I made a step by step process on how to do the task. 

I didn't get video on changing the oil filter directly.  If you need help I can go back and take a new video to explain how to do it.
I apologize for the low light in areas.  If you need to you can check for more detailed pictures online or in another Instructable. 

If you have any questions or want something cleared up, send a message.

Things you will need:

1. Oil 4-6 quarts (make sure you get the correct rating for your car)-check the owner's manual $12-$25 depending on grade
2. Wrench to remove oil pan bolt
3. Funnel $1.00
4. Oil Trap $6.00
5. Oil Filter $3.50-$12 depending on grade (I use the lowest grade for my economy car)
6. Rags
7.-optional- Oil Filter Wrench - I don't use one, but you may need one.



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