How to Change Lego Minifigure Torso Decals

Introduction: How to Change Lego Minifigure Torso Decals

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Step 1: Well.

Here it is guys, just like I said. How to change lego decals. Like I said, I learned this from a great youtuber called legosandlots. Lets begin. Here is an example of my lego Joel I made from this knowledge.

Step 2: Lets Get Started!

First open up Internet explorer (or what ever you use for the Internet). And search up anything, like lego decals for example.

Step 3: Those Are Boring,lets Try Something Else

That's better, now open up word and copy paste (I'm going to use one of my old ones)

Step 4: Sizing

I find that if you get a picture with only one torso decal, the best size is height 0.5" and width 0.61". Or you can guess and check. Now you print

Step 5: You Can Now Forget the Computer

Now you only need a body you want changed, the decal, glue, tape, and scissors. First, cut out the decal and put it on a surface like the back of a notebook cover page. (Also my body won't match the decal color because I am just using a junk body.)

Step 6: Get Tape

Use the tape to cover both sides of the decal and then cut it out. The tape must be transparent.

Step 7: Now Take a Glue Stick

Add glue to the decal on the white side, glue it on to the body and let it dry

Step 8: And There Is Your New Lego Body With an Awesome Decal

Have fun with your new body!

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    5 years ago

    Note: this is just an example, it looks better if you take time to match colors, cut precisely, etc.