How to Change the Wheel of the Car

Introduction: How to Change the Wheel of the Car

If you driving your car, then break your wheel on street .

What do you do to change break wheel ?

You need tools to:

1-Painting Guideway.

Step 1: Warning Triangle

First, you must put the Warning triangle on the street, after 5 or 10 meters frome the car to safety.

Always, make sure the warning triangle on your car trunk. 

Step 2: Lever

Then put the lever next to the wheel want to change.

The new levers contains 2 buttons, one raisa the car, another button down the car.

Then slowly raisa the car.

Step 3: Screwdriver

Then loosen the screws wheel to the left.

Then take of the break wheel.

But you must put the screws together in order not to get lost

Step 4: Spare

Then put the spare wheel, and put the nails, and well link to the right. 

Then quietly down the car and then pull lever.

Then the break wheel put on your car trunk. 



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    Wrang names of tools, it's not a screwdriver, they are not screws, it's not a lever...

    Different car in each picture. Hmm....