How to Charge Your Apple Devise


Introduction: How to Charge Your Apple Devise

For you techno-fobes this is for you

Step 1: The Plug

You should have a plug like this

Step 2: The Cable

The Cable looks like this or depending on what device you have

Step 3: Cable Into Plug

Plug the cable into the plug with the sguigley line facing up

Step 4: Into the Socket

Plug the plug into the socket and turn it on

Step 5: Charge

Plug the other end of the cable into the device (sorry bad picture)



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    8 Discussions

    Well if it is a socket yes

    Is it ok to plug your charger into a power strip instead of the wall outlet?

    yours31f that's a british 3 pin plug, and device is still spelt device not "devise". but I guess this is informative if you've never plugged a deviCe in before so....

    actually i just looked at your plug and your in another country so it may be spelled differently.

    well, you learn something everyday!