How to Charge Your Phone in 5 Minutes With Supercapacitor Under 12$ !!!

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Do you know ? Ac Outlet has enough power to charge your cell phone in just 5 minutes or even less than that, but the batteries inside your phone does not have ability to accept all the power you give to it

Well supercapacitor just do that ,supercapacitors can accept all the power you feed it just like hungry man, but supercapacitor can create dead short on to your power supply.

So our requirement is to make charger that can handle 3 Amperes of current with 2.7v to charge supercapacitor

Total cost to make charger is

1. Step down converter (0.99$)

2.supercapacitor (9.09$)

3.step up converter (0.99$)


Total 11.07$ !!!

Step 1: Getting All Parts...

For this Project you will need

1. 3A Step down converter (0.99$)

2.500 Farad Supercapacitor

Buy1 @ (9.09$)

Buy2@ (11.75$)

3. Step up converter (0.99$)

Step 2: Connecting All Togather ...

#Watch full tutorial

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    How much % can it charge your phone?

    kortiz hernandez

    3 years ago

    i still do understand how you charge the capacitor


    3 years ago

    1000F capacitor bank charged to 2.5V yields only .86 Watt hours of energy. This would supply 5V at 1A for about 10 minutes, IF the step-up converter can function down to zero volts supply. ( which it can't.) so it the DC-DC can operate down to 1V (optimistic?) then only .73 WH are available, so a 5W (5V at 1A) load can be supplied for only 8 min 45 seconds. Phones typically need an hour or more to charge, so you need around 8x more capacitance.

    2 replies
    Kedar Nimbalkargumby_kevbo

    Reply 3 years ago

    well i found that this converter can run properly with voltage as less as 0.5 v, to get even far to utilize all the juice i found power management solutions from LTC "LTC 3108 & LTC 3105 ", which can run with 20 mv input.


    3 years ago

    That said, I think this has potential for charging my phone from my bicycle dynamos. The dynamos have high ESL, so to get much power, you have to let the voltage climb, and of course I want to maintain charging when stopped at traffic lights, etc. A few minutes of energy banking would suffice.

    1 reply