How to Check the Time




Intro: How to Check the Time

A few ways to find out the time...

Step 1: Check Your Watch...

You are wearing a watch, aren't you?

Look at it.

Step 2: Check the Time on Your (or Someone Else's) Computer...

Just look at the Taskbar (Windows users only), in the right hand corner you will find the time, unless you have repositioned your Taskbar.

If you click the time it will bring up a display of the time, allowing you to view the time in analog fashion, and to adjust the time, date, timezone and daylight savings offset.

Step 3: Ask Someone...

You could always ask someone for the time.

Avoid askng people on social networking sites, as once they return to you the time, it will no longer be that time.

Step 4: Look at Your Reverse Clock...

Check the reverse clock that I told you to you see why it was important.

If you don't have a reverse clock, you should probably visit this link :

Step 5: Look Outside...

Failing all that, look outside, it will at least give you an indication of whether it is day or night.

As an added bonus, it also comes with a free weather report.

Step 6: Universal Time

 We all know, however, that there are only two true times.

It is always Hammertime...

...unless it is T time...



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    Lol how did u "acquire" (right word?) all these? i mean literally who has a safari suit in their closet?


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    if u wanna try an awesome vegetarian sandwich i got an istructable on it...check it out!


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    Ha Ha Ha! Were you just bored?! It seems as If you just needed to put an instructable up and didn't have a topic! LOL!

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