How to Chose What You Want to Dream About at Night!!

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I always have crazy dreams about giant killer worms destroying the city and going down mountains backwards on skateboards. Well if I want to dream about something else, do this!!!

Step 1: Talk

This step is easy. All you need is:
A friend
A quiet room

Sit down on the chairs and have a 1-2 min chat
About what you want to dream about 1 hour before you go to bed. Easy!!

Step 2: Watch

This step is also easy. What you need:
A I pod, computer ect
Simple enough

This is what you do:
You go on YouTube and type up what you want to dream about. You watch it. Any time in the day will do

Step 3: Day Dream

This is a SOS method. IT NEVER WORKS but its the easiest way.

All you need is:
A brain

Day dream!!!

It's simple. Just think about what you want to dream about. Do it 20-5 mins before bed.

Step 4: Thanks

I'm sorry if they don't work.
Thanks for reading
Comment soon!!



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    4 years ago

    Hi! Thanks for reading hope it works!!