How to Clean Stubborn Calcium and Soap Scum From a Shower




Introduction: How to Clean Stubborn Calcium and Soap Scum From a Shower

Do you have a fiberglass shower that will not come completely clean?  Not anymore!



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    I've been spraying Clean Shower after a shower for years. It is basically diluted alcohol with a small percentage of shampoo, a potassium based soap. The alcohol dissolves both soap scum and hard water deposits. The shampoo reduces the surface tension of hard water allowing the Clean Shower product into smaller crevices. Every month or so I wipe over the walls with a Magic Eraser while I'm showering and the walls and doors are spotless. I think the Magic Eraser would do the job by itself, but with take a bit more time.

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    This instructable shows what to do if you already have the calcium build up. After you get it clean, your method is a great maintenance plan.

    I bought a house in a hard water area in 2011. I started using the Clean Shower on the deposits already on the stall and glass. After a few weeks it wiped right up with the Magic Eraser. I guess it depends on how fast you need to get it cleaned.

    White vinegar is far safer and cheaper. You must soak the scum repeatedly, then remove it with a rough sponge. Eventually cover it with a soaked paper towel instead of soaking, if it is too hard.

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    I agree that vinegar is safer, but not far cheaper. One gallon of white vinegar is $3. Muriatic acid is only $4 per gallon. They are both acids, but MA is at least 10 times stronger. It will clean, in minutes, what vinegar does without the hours of soaking and scrubbing.