How to Clean Surfaces With TSP

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Before you start painting with your new color, you'll need to clean the surface so that paint will better adhere to the wall. We've got something that can help you clean those walls quickly, without too much effort. We advise taking a sponge and trisodium phosphate cleaner (or TSP substitute) to wash off all that extra dirt. For something even less expensive, buy TSP concentrate and mix with water - you can get a 16-oz box for about $5.

TSP can be used on all of your woodwork. It can even be used to clean grease from kitchen walls, remove hairspray in bathrooms, an take off fingerprints around light switches. To avoid TSP solution making contact with your skin, wear rubber gloves and turn up the cuffs to catch the drips. 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Tsp is wonderful and very effective stuff but spoke is wright it can be very hard on you skin and terrible for the water supply. Phosphates were banned from laundry and dish detergents in the early seventies. When gets into a water supply it promotes the growth of algea, In large enough quantities it can kill fish and alot of other aquatic life so use it sparingly.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    While hinted at in the 'article' TSP is nasty stuff to skin. DO NOT LET IT TOUCH YOUR SKIN. Gloves are a 100% must for this stuff.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I recently used a TSP solution to clean a couple nasty carpet stains. It worked great.

    Great advice tip! Using tsp will indeed quickly clean all the dirt that you want to remove.