How to Close a Crimp Bead in Jewelry Making

Introduction: How to Close a Crimp Bead in Jewelry Making

About: Stari Girl Jewelry started in 2003 when I took my jewelry making class using sterling silver wire at Ringling School of Art, here in Sarasota, FL.

Do your beads keep falling off your jewelry designs? This is an up close tutorial on how to properly close a crimp bead. Clip is from the DVD Beginner Jewelry Making by Stari Girl Jewelry. Learning the proper techniques and tools are essencial for a beginner.  



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    I added this video to my favorites when I first discovered it. I went back today to watch it again and it's gone. Has this happened to anyone else? I liked her demonstration. I guess I'll have to look for a new one.

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    Excellent camera work. You also have a wonderfully patient and clear speaking voice. What a superb tutorial. THANK YOU

    I keep seeing those beads and pliers at Michael's but couldnt figure out what they were for. Thanks for clarifying.

    This is very well done.  If you do it exactly like the demo, it should work very well.  What she did not mention is that there are different sizes of crimp beads and wires which require different sizes of crimping tools.  I like to use two crimps, which is a little sloppy. 

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    I use 2 crimps also, I feel that it gives the piece extra strength. If it gets to sloppy looking I just use a crimp bead cover, they help with sharp edges too.
    I'm far from a beginner at jewelry making but learn new things all the time. I watched this crimp bead tutorial and will have to watch it over and over because I can never get them nice like the video.

    Yes, very well done!  Here I was told the two different holes were for different sizes - not that they were needed for different functions!  I might use a crimp once per year, its nice to know how to correctly!  Thanks!