Convert Sewing Thread Stand (Holder) to Hanging Thread Holder




Introduction: Convert Sewing Thread Stand (Holder) to Hanging Thread Holder

In an effort to organize and give my craft room more usable flat space, I converted the normal standing thread holders to a hanging one using magnetic hooks. My storage cabinet is made of metal. I bought it from Office Depot, its a Sandusky a couple years ago for around $179.00. I noticed magnets stuck to it and decided to order magnetic hooks on ebay, these hooks are made to hold 20 lbs.... I wanted to be safe. This was a very simple project.

This would also work on a metal file cabinet.

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Step 1: Tools Needed

Items needed:
Drill (mine is dremel)
Picture hanging hooks
Screw Driver
Magnetic Hooks (bought on ebay holds 20 lbs)

Step 2: Prepare Thread Holder

You will need to drill holes in the back top of your wooden thread holder. I put the hanger up to the thread holder and marked where holes needed to go with pencil. I enlarged the holes a bit on this triangle shaped picture hanger to fit the size screws I had. They are made to use with brads and  I wanted a stronger hold.

Step 3: Attach Picture Hanger

Screw the hanger to the back of the thread holder lining up with the holes you drilled.

Step 4: Place Magnetic Hooks on Cabinet

Place magnetic hooks on side of cabinet (if that is where you want them to hang). Don't worry about being exact because with magnetic hooks you can move them around. The ones I bought are very strong and it takes a bit of effort to move them. If I had it to do over, I would have glued a thin piece of felt on the back of the hooks because when I move them, it feels as if it will scratch cabinet.  I did not see any damage on my cabinet, but still it would be safer to glue thin felt on back.

Step 5: Attach Thread Holder to Cabinet.

You might need to bend back the picture hanger hook a bit to manipulate onto the magnetic hook. At that time you can slide the magnets to be in line with wooden thread holder and your attached hook.

Step 6: Stand Back and Admire Your Work !

Here is view of my nicely organized wooden thread holders. No longer are they sitting around taking up much needed flat surface in my craft room.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea :D If youre anything like me a sewing machine starts with threads and ends with everything including ribbons! A great idea for ribbon storage: Around the retail seasonal change at places like Michaels and A.C. Moore, they have these cardboard ribbon display hangers. You could easily talk somone into giving you the cardboard display (they just throw it out and break it up anyway). I used to work at michaels and got this request myself. Very goooddd ideaaa :]