How to Cook Amazing PEPPEREGGS

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An amazing idea and a simple cooking recipe! How to cook tasty appetizer.

Ingredients: pepper, boiled eggs, cheese, garlic, mayonnaise, greens.

This beautiful appetizer is good not only in summer, also is perfect for any party.

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Step 1: Watch the Video :)

Step 2: Grate the Cheese

Step 3: Add the Garlic

Step 4: Add the Mayonnaise

Step 5: Add the Greens

Step 6: Mix

Step 7: Peel the Peppers

Step 8: Start Stuff the Pepper

Step 9: Add the Boiled Egg in the Pepper

Step 10: Finish Stuff. Put in the Fridge for 4 Hours...

Step 11: 4 Hours Later Cut the Pepper

Step 12: You Get a Beautiful Appetizer

Step 13: Add the Greens to Decorate

Step 14: Enjoy :)

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    A delectible creation and handsome presentation. Congratulations.