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Whether you have a gnarly pimple monster on your face, an old battle scar or you are a total klutz like me and cut up your face by accident on a jagged piece of wood sticking out the back of a truck, this makeup trick will save you from gawking stares, rude comments, and having to explain what happened to your face. Most importantly it will restore your self confidence and help you not stand out in a negative way. Let your beauty shine not your blemishes with this handy dandy makeup hack tutorial!

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Step 1: Moisturize Your Face

I am using PREVISE TONER WATER but you can use your favorite facial moisturizer.

Step 2: Use Concealer on Your Target Area

Apply concealer on the area you want to hide first. This will allow the concealer to set longer and have better coverage. Then apply concealer in all the other usual places like, under the eye, bridge of the nose, corners of the nostrils, corners of your lips, and on your chin.

Step 3: Gently Blend in Concealer

Use a concealer brush or your finger to gently pat the concealer in to blend it into your natural skin. Try to use the lightest amount of pressure on the target area as you can since this area needs the most coverage. Focus more on blending around the area, rather then onto of it.

Step 4: Set the Concealer With Translucent Finishing Powder

With a fluffy powder brush and Makeup Forever's HD Translucent Finishing Powder. Lightly tap powder on the target area and swirl gently on the rest of the face. Tapping the powder on the target area will prevent brushing off the concealer. MAKEUP HACK! -Applying a translucent powder in-between coats of concealer will help the concealer last longer and not budge or rub off as easily.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and 4 Until Ideal Coverage Is Achieved

Put another layer of concealer followed up by translucent powder until the target area is no longer visible. I applied about 3-4 layers of concealer because I had bright red raised cuts on my face which needed extra coverage.

Step 6: Apply BB Cream or Foundation

Now that we have concealed the problem area and established a base for the most part. Let's even out the rest of our face. I used a Garnier BB cream in Light/Medum for a more natural look but you can use your favorite foundation. With a foundation brush or your finger, once again gently pat on the BB cream or foundation on the problem area first and blend around it. Then proceed to blend the rest into your face. Remember to blend down your neck so it doesn't look like you have a mask of makeup.

Step 7: Set Foundation With Translucent Powder

Set your BB Cream or foundation with powder one last time unless you are using a matte foundation. Now you have a great blank canvas to do any makeup look you want. Your problem area should be virtually unnoticeable at this point and people will be focusing on your features rather than your flaws. Watch the second half of my Youtube video for a quick walk through of my everyday natural makeup look!

Step 8: All Done!

No need to be self conscious anymore. Go out there and strut your stuff!



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    9 Discussions

    Michelle Boivin

    3 years ago

    I self harm how do i cover it because i have gym and people look like im crazy for wearing a long sleeve to gym

    1 reply

    This tutorial above will help for covering up self harm scars (or any scars).

    My advice: For extra coverage, use a green concealer. Since green is the opposite of red on the color wheel, it neutralizes the red/pink of a scar. Using an appropriate sized brush, apply the concealer to the area you wish to neutralize. Blend the edges so that they feather out seamlessly into your skin. Make sure to work with thin layers of the product, as it will be just as difficult covering massive amounts of green as it is to cover the redness. Once you apply the product, powder it and then go over the corrector with your regular foundation or concealer. Finally, set the area again with powder.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. - I self harm too, and I am trying to stop. I would encourage you to take steps to stop self harming, too. Please get help. Go tell a trusted adult - your parents, school counselor, etc. They only want what's best for you. They will help you.

    P.P.S. - to those of you reading my comment, please never start self harming. It's not good at all. Trust me, it just causes more trouble, guilt, and shame in your life. It's not worth it. Go find a healthier way to deal with your problems.

    :) Have a nice day everyone :)


    3 years ago

    Would this work for a more scrape looking cut on your forehead?


    3 years ago

    Would this work for cuts on arms? Idk I'm going to a ballet class and we can't use long sleeves.


    4 years ago

    doesnt it hurt?(im really scared when it comes to applying something or touching a cut, i get lots though)

    2 replies

    @ForTheLoveOfFood Yes it hurt but just apply as gently as possible. The couple seconds of pain was worth it. It depends on how fresh your cut is also. I waited a couple days before trying to apply makeup or touching them. Make sure you don't try to cover it with anything until it is scabbed over or still open. Thanks for watching!