How to Create a Creative Business Presentation




Introduction: How to Create a Creative Business Presentation


Hope you're doing good.

I recently created this business presentation to show it to my investor and I'm glad that the time I spent on my thinking process is well worth it. If you are in the creative industry, this might work for you too. :) Oh, and by the way, it is super low cost and outstanding! 

ps- This presentation is solely based upon my own story, super original. Happy in creating your own! :D x

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Step 1:

Here's what you need;

A pair of Scissors
Brown Paper
White Drawing Paper
Glue Stick
Color Pencils
Marker Pen ( I use Sharpie)

Step 2: Your Story

I believe in telling my own story to the person who is going to invest in me is very important.

Start by telling your own story, your background. Keep it simple and short. Tell what matters, what incident changed to who you are today and most importantly, be honest. Make it look like a life journey. 

Easiest way to start your story is by writing it point by point, then think of how you would draw it out.

For mine;
My dream when I was young - My career - How do I feel with my life - What gives me idea for my business - (followed by the concept of your business idea)

Step 3: Business Concept

Continued from your personal story, this page is for you to show your business concept, what products you're going to sell, what makes your business special and why consumer loves your products, etc etc. 

Step 4: Marketing Plan

Having a wonderful business idea without a marketing plan is no use. Put in a marketing plan that suits your business, your location and your target market. 

Done! You now have a creative business presentation that is definitely going to catch someone's attention. :D

Of course, this is just the presentation part, you also have to include all the numbers (cost & expenses, sales forecast, etc) in your next page. Yeap, not my favourite part. 

Anyway, I hope this would be some sort of a help for you. x

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