How to Create a Paper Book

Introduction: How to Create a Paper Book

This is how you make a paper book

Step 1: Grab a Paper

Just simply grab these specific items

Step 2: Fold the Paper

Just simply fold it in half

Step 3: Cut the Paper

Cut maybe the top of the paper to make it like a real book

Step 4: Pretty Simple

Yeah you probably could have though of this pretty easy but we aren't done. This is an added sample to make an even more creative story. You can continue if you want but you are done with the book part. All you will need is-
•Glue or tape
Tape works best

Step 5: Added Info

Take that strip of paper and place it on the front page of your folded paper. You can either tape the sides of the strip to the paper or you can put the tape behind it.

Step 6: Title It

Put the title of your book on either part of the flap. The front or inside. It is your book not mine. Well, you can start your book. Later you can add more pages. Or you can do it now.

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