How to Create a Simple Servo Switch




Introduction: How to Create a Simple Servo Switch

Well the title kind of says it all, this instructable shows a very simple way to make a small servo switch mechanism that can be used for many things such as controlling the directions of a robot tank or the arms of a robot (pretty much any current flow regulation situation)

at first, a hole is drilled through the switch top
then a small threaded aluminum bar (can get from a hanger) is put through the hole and is (double) bolted down from both sides
the wiring of the switch depends on the direction you'll be driving/controlling in
the other end of the aluminum bar is attached to the servo flange (minor bending might be required)
after the bar is put through, you can clamp down both the servo and the switch by either screwing or gluing them to the platform of your machine and the programming can be done by any basic to advanced servo controller

the last image shows how i used this switch to control a wooden track system (one of my other threads)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Simple and a lot cheaper than a relay and pico switch.