Part Two: How to Create the Queen's Dolls House Strong Room

Introduction: Part Two: How to Create the Queen's Dolls House Strong Room

Panelling and Railings

What you’ll need:

3017 Tudor- style wood panels
7373 Railings plastic 90x160mm
7172 white Skirting but could use 7018 which is untreated.
Tenon saw / Mitre block
Spray paint silver
Wood Primer spray paint
White spray paint
Pencil/ ruler
Wood filler
A small filler knife

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Step 1:

Firstly measure the panelling to whatever height you would like it it to be.

Using a ruler, mark up the panelling with a pencil draw a straight line across as a guide for cutting

Step 2:

Using a mitre block and a small Tenon saw, cut along the line mark.

Step 3:

Sand the Tudor-style Wood Panels with abrasive paper all over to remove any rough edges and to make a key for the paint to adhere to.
You can prime the panels if you wish to but I haven’t done here - purely for time purposes!

The Tudor-style panels are now ready for straying with white spray paint.

WARNING! Remember to always follow the instructions on the spray paint can. Always use the spray paint in a well ventilated area, covering up the surface area you are spraying onto.

Step 4:

Once I had measured and arranged the back so the panelling was in-situ, I worked out how many 7373 Railings it would take to fill in the empty spaces. I tried to keep within the railing design to give the illusion that it was two complete gates. They are plastic and easy to cut using a pair of sharp scissors. Hang them on a stand to spray paint so that you cover all angles!

Step 5:

Then once the 7373 Railings were dry, I then glued them to the back wall using a hot glue gun.

WARNING! Be careful not to burn your fingers when using the hot glue gun especially when gluing the railings as the hot glue can easily slip through the holes in the railings.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now ready to work on the Queen's Dolls’ House Strong Room Display Stand

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