Part One: How to Create the Queen's Dolls House Strong Room

What you’ll need:

Screw-together Display Box 3484
Plum SA Carpet Suede-effect 4329
Bath stone Paper 8268
Painted cornice, mitred 7175
Display Shelf 2230
Spray mount
Pencil/ Ruler/ Rubber
Hot Glue Gun
Mitre block
Small Tenor Saw
Philips Screw driver

Step 1:

First, put together your Display Box 3484. Then measure the base using a ruler, and mark up the flooring Bath Stone Paper 8268 using a pencil and a ruler.

Step 2:

With a sharp pair of scissors cut out the Bath Stone Paper 8268.

Step 3:

Once you have checked the flooring fits, spray the back of the paper with spray mount and attach it to the base of the Display Box 3484

WARNING! Always use spray mount in a well ventilated area/room and always follow the instructions on the can.

Step 4:

Follow the same procedure with the back wall covering, and once you have checked that it fits, move the box so the back wall is lying down on the table as this will help when you are applying the Plum SA Carpet Suede-effect 4329.

Now that you have checked the carpet has been cut to the correct size you can begin to peel off the backing. I would recommend that you do this in small sections. Stick the first section down then slowly peel the rest away. As you are doing this, rub it down into place as you go along; take your time and do this slowly so not to make any mistakes.

Step 5:

The next step is to attach the Painted Cornice, Mitred 7175.

I started by drawing a straight line from the front of the display box to the back. This gave me a guide to follow when attaching the cornice down.

I then measured the two remaining walls of the box and using a small tenon saw and a mitre block I cut the cornice to fit the walls.

Step 6:

I attached the cornice to the walls using a hot glue gun.

WARNING! Be careful not to burn your fingers when using the hot glue gun.

Step 7:

The last few steps are to attach the Display Shelf 2230.

To help and get the display shelf in the correct location I moved the display box around so the plain wall is laying down on the table, I then placed the shelving on the wall to get an idea of the wall space, as I didn’t permanently attach the shelves at this point.

Once I was happy it was in the correct place I marked it up using a pencil.

Next I drew two straight lines as a guide. I then stuck the shelves down using the hot glue gun.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now ready to work on the Queen's Dolls’ House Strong Room Panelling and Railings



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    Hi Mad Hatter,

    Thank you for your lovely comments! :)

    There are three separate Instructables for this mini room box, and in part 2 it shows you how to add the effect on the back wall.(you can find that on our Instructables page)

    This should be a clue though! :)