How to Crochet a Heart

Introduction: How to Crochet a Heart

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One night I was board and wanting to make something to decorate. I decided on hearts because hearts are so simple and pleasant.

All you need is a crochet needle of any size and some yarn

Remember to start with a slip knot

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Step 1:

First crochet a chain of two

Step 2:

Now crochet single stitch into the second stitch from the hook

Step 3:

Next crochet two single stitches into the on you have now

Remember to do one chain stitch before every row

Step 4:

Crochet two double stitches into each single stitch

Step 5:

Into the first stitch of the next row crochet one double stitch, in the next two stitches crochet two doubles into both of them, then only one double in the next stitch

Step 6:

You should have six stitches now, check. If you don't you did something wrong.

Now it gets a little more complicated.
Crochet one double int the first stitch, then two in the next, for the third do just one, for the fourth and fifth crochet two and in the sixth just one again

Check and make sure you have nine in your row now

Step 7:

The next step is happily simple, crochet one single stitch into each stitch in the row.

Step 8:

Now, your probably wondering, "How is this going to be a heart?"

In this first and final step you will finally see.
Crochet on single stitch first then skip the next stitch and crochet five double stitches into the third one. Skip the next stitch and crochet a slip stitch into the fifth. Skip the sixth and crochet another five double stitches into the seventh finally crochet one last singe into the ninth and I'm sure you know how to tie things off?

Congratulation, you've crocheted a heart!!!

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