How To..... Crochet a Scarf




Introduction: How To..... Crochet a Scarf


Crocheting is an easy “step by step” process that is a fun way to create wonderful and warm scarfs. If this is your first time crocheting don’t worry; a scarf is just the place to start with its rows of yarn. Just a few simple steps and you will be creating so many things with this crochet technique in no time. Please read through these instructions before beginning.

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Step 1: ​Supplies


  • Crochet hook (Look at the label on the spoil of yarn)
  • Yarn
    • Any color
    • Material: Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn
    • Fluffy yarn makes a softer scarf
  • Scissor’s
  • Comfy place to sit

Step 2: Holding Crochet Hook

  1. Hold hook like a pencil in the right hand
    1. Thumb and index finger onto the flat section of the hook
    2. Remaining fingers placed behind
    3. Left hand to loop on the yarn

Step 3: First Stitch

  1. Make a slip knot around the hook
  2. Wrap yarn over the hook
  3. Pull yarn through the slip knot

Repeat Stitch in Step 2 till desired length (Foundation Row)

Step 4: Second Row; Modifying From the First Row

  1. Skip the first chain and find the second chain on first row
  2. Stick crochet hook through center of second chain
  3. Wrap hook under yarn held in your left hand
  4. Hook it; should have created 2 loops on your hook
  5. Pull yarn through the chain

Step 5: Finish Second Row

  1. Hook through chain
  2. Yarn-over and through, creating two loops
  3. Yarn-over and through both loops

Step 6: Adding Third Row

Modify your chain pattern from 2nd row, 3rd modification same throughout the entire scarf

  1. Insert hook through center of the first chain – 2nd row
  2. Wrap the hook around the yarn, creating a yarn-over
    1. Hook the yarn downwards through the center
  3. Yarn-over
  4. Hooking yarn downwards
  5. Pull it through the 2 loops on the hook

Step 7: Finish Third Row

  1. Continue part 2; step 2 modified directions
    1. Count all your chains; helps to make sure you have the desired width

Step 8: Adding Desired Number of Rows

  1. Same pattern for creating 3rd row of chains, for the rest of your scarf
  2. Achieve desired length (width), add a final row as you have been


Step 9: Finishing the Scarf

  • Cut excess yarn off of about 3-4 inches from body of work
  • Leave the last loop on the hook still intact
    • Final yarn-over through the last loop
    • Pull end to tighten the final knot
  • Use crochet hook on the needle end to weave string into the last row of the scarf
  • The end of the string tucked inside the last row, your scarf is complete

**Finishing it off is basically making another row but it’s connecting them all together

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    3 years ago

    Great scarf!!