How to Cup Stack

I am going to teach you how to cup stack

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Step 1:

This is 12 cups

Step 2: 3 Stack

Start off with a 3 stack

Step 3:

Put 2 cups down

Step 4:

Then put one on top

After go to your other 3 stack and do the same thing

Step 5: 6 Stack

Go to your 6 stack

Step 6:

Put 2 cups down

Step 7:

Then put one on top

Step 8:

Then put one on the side

Step 9:

Then put a cup on top of this

Step 10:

Then put a cup on top of that

Step 11:

Step 12: Down Stack the 6

Then down stack the six stack

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    5 years ago

    Kids like to play by stacking old cups. Old yogurt cups make great stackers. It teaches coordination, persistence, patterns, ideas about nesting objects. AND it's just plain fun to knock over a wall of cups.