How to Customize Your Schedule Book



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You will need:
-A simple paper schedule book
-Window Covering / Wide Transparent Tape
-Wrapping Paper(Optional)
-Ribbon (Optional)
-Photos of your own choices (Here I use sticker photos and some pictures from a magazine.)
-Color Paper (Optional)
-Marker Pen
-Double-Sided Tape
-Hot Glue Gun
-Your School Timetable
-Memo pad (Optional)
-Magic Tape
-Poly-foam Tape(Optional)
-Chocolate Bar Wrapping Paper(Optional)
*I'm going to make a fake chocolate bar by using the last three items.*
And anything you would like to stick on it but make sure that stuff have a flat surface. :)
For example,stamp,price sticker,candy wrapping paper(cleaned),tickets,etc.

Step 1: Wrapping

Wrap it up with the window covering like the following photos.
*To make sure that the window covering stick well with the book,please use the double-sided tape to stick them together.

Step 2: Add a Piece of Ribbon

Stick the ribbon on the back of the book.
*Using hot glue gun to make sure that they stuck between the window covering and the book inside.
Cut the ribbon about 8 cm. 

Step 3: Make a Fake Chocolate Bar on It!

Cut two equal pieces of poly-foam tape and put them together.
Put it onto the Tinfoil.
Wrap it up and glue it with a wrapping paper.
Glue the fake chocolate bar onto the ribbon.
Stick the magic tape on the schedule book and the ribbon. 

Step 4: Draw an Ant and Write a Theme for Your Schedule Book

Using a marker pen to draw an ant and something you like!

Step 5: Add Decoration

Using the double-sided tape to stick the photos onto the schedule book and stick everything you want.

Step 6: Draw a Lace Frame

Using a extra fine marker pen to draw laces like the following photos.

Step 7: +Memo Pad

Using the double-sided tape to stick the memo pad onto the first page of  the schedule book.

Step 8: Finish!

Stick the wide transparent tape all over the book to protect the book without losing anything on the book.
I haven't show it in here because I don't have my school timetable on my hand right now but I will do this after I got the timetable.
And You've done!
Thx for watching!:)
P.S.The last photo should be with a school time table but I still haven't got my school time table yet so it come out like this...;)



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