How to Customize Your Walt Disney Magic Bands





Introduction: How to Customize Your Walt Disney Magic Bands

Walt Disney theme parks have done away with their "tickets" instead going for the new Magic Bands in place of the paper tickets. Before heading out to the park take a moment and decorate your band making them your personal band. Here's a quick DIY on how to do just that.

Step 1:

Some of the thing you might need;

-Most important your Walt Disney Magic Band(s)

-Rubbing alcohol (if you’ve worn them before, or been handling them)

-Scissors and/or razor blade


-Disney rub ons from the scrap book section of the store (pd 49 cents at Michaels craft store.)

- You could also use temporary tattoos BUT they rub off after a while so you have to put clear coat over them and that cracks long use of the band.

-Disney duck brand duck tape (I paid less than $5 at Michaels craft store with coupon).

-Glow in the dark paint and paint brush

AND SOMETHING ROUND IF YOUR USING THE RUB ONS. I used a ball bat worked like a charm. But you could use what you have

Step 2:

If you’ve worn your band before, or if you’ve been handling it, use the rubbing alcohol to clean the oils from the band, if it’s fresh outta the box you can skip this step if you want.

Step 3:



Step 4:

Cut off the piece of tape your going to use.

Step 5:

Line it up on the band, I wanted the apple so I was willing to loose some of her hair and shoulder.

Step 6:

Smooth out the duck tape so there’s no lines or bubbles, the duck tape will stretch.

Step 7:

Use your finger nail, (or if you don’t have any, a toothpick, so something similar) to “fold” the tape into the crease.

Step 8:

LIGHTLY, cut the tape with your razor, DON’T press hard! Very lightly will cut the tape and not the band.

Step 9:

Peel the cut tape from the band then cut the other side the same way.

Step 10:


Step 11:


Step 12:

Cut out the rub on you want, making sure it’ll fit on the band.

Step 13:

If your band has been worn, or you’ve been handling it, you will need to use rubbing alcohol to clean the oils off it so the rub on will stick.

Wrap your band around something round and strong, because your going to be rubbing hard on the band, and you don’t want to crack your rub on. I used a ball bat.

Step 14:

Line up the rub on, then use the stick that came with the set to rub over the plastic sheeting that is over your rub on, rub REALLY hard, being careful not to move it, or you’ll damage your rub on.

Step 15:

You’ll see the difference between the parts that have “rubbed off” and the parts that are still “attached” to the clear sheeting. I knew not all of the wings would fit onto my band and I was ok with that. As you can see they’re still attached to the sheeting.

Step 16:

Use your fingernail or something like a toothpick or similar to press the edges into the grove if they’re hanging off, like mine was.

Step 17:

Next I followed steps 14-16 as I did with Buz to adhere Woody, on the other side of the band.

Step 18:

After I added my Princesses, I wanted my band to glow in the dark during the rides. Here I used just some cheap less than a dollar glow in the dark paint and a brush.

You will need to paint on at least 5 coats of this paint, waiting at least 1 hour in between each coat. Please note at this paint can crack or peel after lots of use, as it is not made for the rubber bands. If this is a concern Duck Brand makes a glow in the dark duck tape, you could use instead. Just follow the steps above.

Step 19:

I hope you take the time to decorate your Magic bands before heading out to the parks, and take the time to show them at

Were lots of people are sharing their bands.

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5 Discussions

Do decorating the Magic Bands void them in anyway or are they still fine to use? I would hate to decorate mine and make it fancy, for it to be glitchy because I covered up a sensor or something!!

1 reply

decorating them doesn't affect any of their use, I don't even bother pulling up my sleeves on cold days to scan it, this reads threw everything fine. there's a chip in the top mickey part, and on the magic band 1 shown above the whole band is full of copper wire, that's like a "radio antenna". that's how they track people around the park, the new bands magic band 2 everything it in the top removable part.

when did they do away with tickets? I was just there for new years and Disneyland was still very much using the paper tickets and hard card annual passes.

1 reply

IDK about Disneyland but Disney world has been weeding out tickets for almost a year now, and it also depends on if your staying on the property or not, I think if you just going for the day you get a paper ticket, but if your staying on the property and/or going to the park your band is your room key, your charging account linked to your room, and your park pass, along with any quick passes you might have reserved. Now with the magic band you can reserve quick passes like a month before your stay! NO more rushing to the back of the park to grab some before they run out. LOL

But great project none the less. love the looks.