How to Dalek Up Your Mini Figure

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In the show some people turn into daleks. Here is what it looks like on TV.

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Step 1: Get the Pieces

You'll need: 1 1x2 brick 1 2x2 brick 1 2x2 curved plate 1 mini figure with no legs 1 lever 1 lever with another end 1 mini cone and 1 3 bar piece.

Step 2: The Body

Get your curved plate and your 2x2 brick and place it on the plate. Then get the 1x2 brick and place it.

Step 3: The Dalek Part

Get your mini figure and the levers and put them on the figure's hands. I'll show how to make the other lever. Finally get the cone and 3 bar piece and put them together.

Step 4: The Finale

Put the body parts together and there it is!!!

Step 5: (Optional)

If u want it to look like the ones on TV remove the lower part and add mini figure legs. Then take away the other lever and there you go! EXTERMINATE! The doctor is acquired!

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