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Hello. I haven't posted anything in two weeks so hope you will like this instructable. It's gonna show you how to decorate a house. (In my way)

Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: As You Can See This Is a Boring House

It looks simple and BORING!

Step 2: Balcony

Just add 2 blocks for the whole side and add a fence.

Step 3: Windows

Add them to the sides.

Step 4: Roof With Stairs

Also add another window.

Step 5: Make a Second Floor

All you have to do is you have to add stairs.

Step 6: Add the Number Sign Thing

Step 7: Path

I used stone.

Step 8: Kitchen

I made cupboards, a refrigerator, a sink, an oven, and a table.

Step 9: Living Room

I made a tv and a couch.

Step 10: Bedroom

Step 11: Garage

I made the garage out of quartz.

Step 12: Swimming Pool

You can decorate your pool anyway you want it.

Step 13: Flowers

Step 14: Time to Give Out a Shoutout!

And it goes to.......


Thank you so much for asking me how to decorate a house (or making it look better)

Also don't forget to leave a like and to comment what i should do next and also make sure to follow!




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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I liked the shopping list and the garage, I never really thought of making either

    Jeph Diel

    3 years ago

    Very good work.